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Sweet LIDA ROSE is still a kitten at heart. Barely two years old, she loves to play and play hard! After spending more than a month in a shelter cage before we rescued her, she is so happy to be able to run around! She'll chase a toy mouse or a feather on a string, or happpily jump in and out of a cardboard box. She is being fostered with other cats, but we think she'd be fine as an only cat too as long as her people give her lots of play time.

Lida Rose also has a reflective side. She adores sitting at a window and watching all the activity outside. She'd love a home with big windows for bird and squirrel watching. She also loves to hang out with her people, so a home where her people are around more than not would be great too. Lida Rose’s fluffy silky fur and slightly crossed eyes just add to her charms. See her playing hard in video and see more photos here too!

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