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Lilah is a 5 year old Pitbull/Weimaraner mix and is a sweet, sweet girl. She is always up for a game of fetch, tug-of-war or wrestle. If she can't find anyone to play with her, she is perfectly happy to make her own fun, tossing her toys in the air and running after them.

Lilah is currently being fostered by one of our rescue’s animal behavior trainers. If you adopt Lilah, she will come to your home with such lovely manners. We would have you work with her trainer so you can learn all sorts of helpful techniques so she will blossom even more in your home. We will pay for the training sessions too. How great is that? We simply want Lilah to get a home that is as wonderful as she is. Might that home be yours? Click here for more info, video and more photos!

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